Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Carol Burnett Makes Guest "Appearance" in New Curious George Episode

Renowned actress Carol Burnett joins George and The Man with the Yellow Hat in the first of three new engineering-themed episodes airing in February 2014. Great Aunt Sylvia (Burnett) goes with George to a toy factory to fix a broken toy in “Toy Monkey” premiering Monday, February 10 on PBS KIDS. 

Here are descriptions of the new episodes:
    2/10: Toy Monkey/George and Allie's Game Plan (guest star Carol Burnett) 
    Toy Monkey (guest star Carol Burnett) George is ecstatic. Great Aunt Sylvia dropped by with a special present – a toy front loader that’s...defective? No problem! Aunt Sylvia and George take the front loader back to the toy factory. But they find a room full of broken toys and no one to fix them. What will they do? With a hand drill, pickles, and a little ingenuity...anything is possible! 
    George and Allie’s Game Plan
    It's "fair day" at the elementary school and Allie is determined to win the giant stuffed bear. But knocking down all the ducks is not as easy as it looks (or quacks). George builds a practice game at home complete with quacking sounds. Will Allie’s practice and perseverance help her win the bear? 
    2/11: Monkey Hoedown/Curious George Clowns Around 
    Monkey Hoedown 
    The Man with the Yellow Hat can’t wait to join the Uptown Bluegrass Band for a good old-fashioned country hoedown. When George accidentally ruins the Man’s guitar while trying to clean it, George and Allie decide to make a new guitar! With a shoestring, rubber band, fishing wire, and yoyo, George creates the world's first monkey birdhouse bandolin! 
    Curious George Clowns Around 
     George and the Man with the Yellow Hat are excited to visit the Clown College for Pepe El Loco's Big Show. While the Man tries to find a parking spot, George is mistaken for a messenger clown and is tasked with picking up parts for a top-secret gadget for Pepe. While navigating his way through the building, will George figure out a way to keep track of what floor he’s on in time to make it to Pepe’s big show? 
    2/12: #803 George's Backwards Flight Plan/Curious George, Hog Trainer 
    George’s Backwards Flight Plan
    Help! Professor Wiseman is set to launch B.I.R.D., her bird migration tracking device, at sunset, but the remote control isn’t functioning properly. Up is down. Left is right. Off is on. Can George and Marco master the tricky remote control in time or will this B.I.R.D. be flying North for the winter? 
    Curious George, Hog Trainer
    George and Allie are determined to help Howie the Hog win a blue ribbon at the state fair, but the portly pig doesn’t like to train for the competition. Once they figure out how to keep Howie clean, George and Allie use their creativity to find ways to keep Howie motivated and cool while exercising. Will Howie be in hog heaven this year and win the blue ribbon?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Calling Young Authors: Send Us Your Best Stories!


Children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are invited to write and illustrate a story and submit that story to the Rhode Island PBS Kids Healthy Living Writers Contest presented by Corner Bakery Cafe. 

The local Rhode Island PBS contest started January 27 and continues through March 21. Entries will be judged and winners chosen from in each grade, so there will be four first place winners. Winners and participants will be honored during an awards celebration in April. Local winners will be entered into the national contest, which is judged in May and June. 

The theme for our 2014 contest is "Healthy Living" - a huge idea wide open to creative storytelling about any number of topics: food, cooking and nutritious eating; planting, gardening and farming; sports and physical activity including adventures in nature; healthy and safe choices and habits. These are just a few general ideas - we're confident your child will come up with several more before choosing just the right story to tell. 

To make participating and entering the contest more fun, we are collaborating with the YMCA of Greater Providence, libraries, after-school programs, schools, and other organizations where children gather. Ask your local librarian or organization leader if they would like to coordinate a small group of students to work on stories for submission.

 All children in grades Kindergarten through Grade 3 are welcome to enter!

The place to go for information and to upload your child's entry is ripbs.org/kidswrite. There, you will find general rules, fun and creative brainstorming and writing resources you can download and print out, and an official entry form. Plus, if a little inspiration is needed, last year's national winning entries are available at pbskids.org/writerscontest.

      2014 Blue Ribbon Sponsor 
2014 Red Ribbon Sponsors
(children's illustrations by cieleke)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Attend Adventure Camp with Nature Trackers and Dinosaur Train

On Monday morning, January 20 at 9, jump into Adventure Camp on Dinosaur Train as part of the Nature Trackers Club.

What is the Nature Trackers Club? 

Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club is a community of young children, their families and educators committed to learning about nature and doing good things for their environment. Nature Trackers enjoy exploring and having adventures, respecting their environment, collecting things, tracking and observing plants and animals, and challenging themselves to get outside and make discoveries every day. We post new Nature Trackers Challenges monthly – sign up for our e-newsletter (above) to get them sent right to you inbox!

Read more here at PBS Kids. Dinosaur Train airs on WSBE Learn, digital 36.2, Cox 808, Verizon FiOS 478, Full Channel 89, Comcast in Southern MA 294 or 312.

Rhode Island PBS Kids Club Calendar

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