Monday, May 6, 2013

Flying Kites Art Project

Kids are kids, everywhere in the world. It's only how and where they do things that's different!

Kids in the village of Kinangop, in the country of Kenya, on the continent of Africa, live and go to school with family helpers and teachers who are part of a group called Flying Kites.

Just like kids in Rhode Island, in the country of United States, on the continent of North America, the children in Kinangop laugh, play, cry, have friends, do chores, and go to school. What they don't have are moms and dads to take care of them. These children are orphans. The Flying Kites group helps care for and teach these children to grow and reach their full potential.

Kids who watch Rhode Island PBS are invited to connect with the kids in Kenya in a special way: draw, paint, color, or take a picture of you (your child) flying a kite as a greeting of friendship, hope, and encouragement. Send the artwork to Rhode Island PBS by May 30, 2013, and we'll send the picture to the children of Flying Kites in Kenya

Reach for the sky and make a connection across the world!

This invitation is part of a Rhode Island PBS project with students at Bryant University, working with Flying Kites of Newport, Rhode Island, and Kinangop, Kenya.

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