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Cat in the Hat "Let's Get Wet Week" July 22-26

Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! presents "Let's Get Wet Week" July 22 - 26. Here are the upcoming episodes:

Monday, July 22: Episode #216
“Wrapper's Delight” / “Dive Swim Scoop”

Wrapper’s Delight – Sally and Nick are trying to wrap a present for their moms. But they're having problems. Why meeting Cat's good friend Gina the Giraffe Weevil, will help! Gina shows them how she uses leaves to wrap her eggs to protect them while she waits for them to hatch. They learn how to carefully roll and fold the leaf so it doesn't rip and it protects the egg. Back at home they can finally finish wrapping their present - a statue of the Cat in the Hat!
Dive Swim Scoop – There's a frog in Nick and Sally's pool! They have to get him out but can't catch him. Cat's good friend Penny the Pelican can teach them how to catch things in water! Along the way they meet a gannett who shows them how he dives deep into the water to catch his food and a cormorant that zigs and zags through the water to catch hers. But that won't help them catch the frog in their shallow pool. They finally find Penny and watch how she scoops with her big bill, like a net! Now Nick and Sally know how they can rescue the frog in their pool.

Tuesday, July 23: Episode #204
“No Night Today” / “Fun in the Sun”

No Night Today – Nick and Sally want to keep playing, but it's getting dark. Why does nighttime have to come? The Cat knows someone who can answer that question - Astronaut Audrey! With a trip to her International Space Station and a large model of the solar system, the kids learn that it's the earth's spinning near the sun that makes it night or day.
Fun in the Sun – Phew it's hot! Too hot to play outside. Not according to The Cat! His friend Hilda the Hippo knows all about having fun in the sun. A visit to Muddymoo River teaches them that hippos make their very own sunscreen to protect them from the hot sun. Now that they all have their sunscreen on, it's time for some fun in the sun!

Wednesday, July 24: Episode #206
“Manatees and Mermaids” / “The Last Chocolate”

Manatees and Mermaids – Sally and Nick are pretending to swim, but why not go for a real swim asks the Cat! Off to the Glippydrippy Gulf to meet Matilda the Manatee and her son Marlin. Matilda and Marlon teach their guests how to swim slowly and gracefully. Until they hear the sound of a boat motor! Those can be dangerous for manatees, but luckily the Cat, Nick and Sally help their new friends to stay safe. And when they get back home, Nick and Sally will be sure to tell everyone to "Slow down for manatees!"
The Last Chocolate – Only two chocolates left in the whole box, what a great present for Nick and Sally's Moms. That is until The Cat excitedly eats them! Oh no! How are they going to find more chocolate to give to their moms? Why a trip to visit Princess Lottachoca in the Cocoalicious Forest will help them! There, the Princess teaches Nick and Sally the chocolate-making song and they help to pick the beans, roast them, and to heat the juice and add sugar. And then, pouring the hot liquid into molds of any shape. Now that the chocolate has cooled, it's time to go home and surprise their moms!

Thursday, July 25: Episode #207
“Tough Enough” / “How Cool Is Coral”

Tough Enough – Nick and Sally are trying to guess what animal is the toughest one - is it a lion? Oh no, it must be the enormous elephant! Why not at all, says The Cat. The toughest of all is a teeny tiny Waterbear. Huh? Off to meet Cat's friend Wally the Waterbear. After shrinking down in the Thingamajigger, they find Wally and start to play the Tough Enough game! Wally is tough enough to live anywhere, so it's off to Freeze Your Knees Snowland to test it out. Then they go to the super-hot Gritchity-Gratch Desert, then even a trip into space! Wally can live anywhere! He really is the toughest of all!
How Cool is Coral – The Cat needs help! He needs to get his fish friend Ting Tang Tony back to his family. Off to Scoobamareen they go! Tony and Cat got distracted while he was drawing pictures of the beautiful coral that's all around them. Using Cat's drawings as a map, they swim to get Tony back home. Along the way they meet little polyps that live in the coral and learn that they actually helped to make it! They learn about how long it takes to make and how delicate it is. Luckily they soon find Tony's family and they're reunited. Back home Nick and Sally make their own coral drawings, cause you never know when the Cat might need help again!

Friday, July 26: Episode #134
“Amazing Eyes” / “Water Walkers”

Amazing Eyes – Sally and Nick are trying to guess which game Harvey the guinea pig might like to play with them. The Cat takes them to meet his friend Katie the Cavy, a wild guinea pig. But when they try to ask her, she playfully runs off! With the help of three different animals with very different ways of seeing, they finally find Katie and discover a guinea pig's favorite game - hide and seek!

Water Walkers – Nick and Sally are waiting for Mom to come back so they can play in the pool. Cat suggests that playing on water is even more fun! But how? A trip to Splishy Splashy Pond to meet Walker the water strider will show them. Walker shows how he's able to stay on top of the water with the help of air bubbles as he journeys to the other side of the pond. Back at home, Sally and Nick are ready travel to the other side of the pool!


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Rhode Island PBS Family Fun at the Pawtucket Red Sox

Rhode Island PBS and the Pawtucket Red Sox have a great opportunity to share with you for a family night of summertime fun.

Yes, it's barely June and the kids are still in school, but be sure to mark your calendar now for "Back to School Kit Night" at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI, Tuesday, August 20.

Your family four pack of tickets includes all-you-can-eat barbecue under the tent two hours (5 p.m.) before the game, and four general admission seats for the 7:05 p.m. game between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Buffalo Bisons.

These family four-packs of tickets are valued at $110 and are free for Rhode Island PBS members! Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis, with a strict limit of 4 tickets per family. Contact us now! You can call us at 401-222-3636, extension 209.

Not a member? Not a problem! Click here to become a member at the $45 level and your PawSox tickets will be on their way to you.

We're so happy to bring you this benefit of membership. This generous offer is courtesy of the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Rhode Island PBS Kids Club Calendar

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