Friday, May 22, 2015

Word Girl at the Warwick Mall

Mark you calendar for an end-of-summer picture takin', fist-bumpin' Meet and Greet with WORD GIRL at the Warwick Mall. Join Rhode Island PBS on August 20 from noon to 2. The event is free - don't forget to bring your camera!


Super Why! at Corner Bakery Cafe

Kick Off Summer Fun
Join us at the NEW Corner Bakery Cafe, located at 11 East Main Road in Middletown, on Tuesday, June 23 from 4 - 7 p.m. for a picture-takin', high-fivin' meet and greet with Whyatt from the popular PBS Kids series Super Why! 

The event is free, but you must register to attend. (Don't forget your camera!) 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wild Kratts Live at The Vets

The Wild Kratts Live!
Saturday, June 13 at 4 p.m.
The Vets Auditorium, Providence

Animated Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris, "come to real life" in a classically Wild Kratts story. Off "To the Creature Rescue!" the Kratt Brothers activate some fan favorite Creature Power Suits to confront a comic villain. Through hilarious pratfalls and amazing animal 'wow facts' the Wild Kratts team comes to rescue the rescue so animals of the creature world are safe once again.

We have your tickets! Rhode Island PBS has your opportunity to see this exciting family friendly show on Saturday, June 13 at 4:00 p.m. at the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Providence. Click for details

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cha-Ching! Financial Literacy for Children on Rhode Island PBS

Cha-Ching! Financial Literacy for Children

Rhode Island PBS is pleased to present this series of short videos that teach money concepts so children understand them. Cha-Ching is a financial literacy program that provides a platform for 7 to 12 years old children to learn (with the help of their parents) the knowledge, tools and practice they need to make informed financial decisions to reach their own personal goals and dreams. 

Cha-Ching! Financial Literacy for Children
Cha-Ching! Financial Literacy for Children

The project - begun in Asia - was produced in response to key findings from a major research initiative, which shows that only 13% of parents believe their children possess money management skills - though almost all parents (96%) think it is important to learn them.

Based on comprehensive teachings from children’s education expert, Dr. Alice Wilder, the story lines have been written around the four key and comprehensive concepts of money: Earn, Save, Spend and Donate. 

Children mostly only see the spend side of money, but children also need to understand that Earn, Save, Spend, Donate is a cycle of money, and choices that have to be made every day, throughout life.

Cha Ching: Case Study - Updated
Cha Ching: Case Study - Updated

View the video above for more information about how the entire project was developed (or visit this link). 

Cha-Ching! on Rhode Island PBS is sponsored by Jackson National Life Insurance. Videos air between shows during our children's schedule.

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